Salted Olive Oil Brownies

Let’s just start this post by saying that I can’t believe I had never shared a brownie recipe here. Better late than ever, I guess, right?

If you read my last post, you know that I was testing a white wine pudding cake recipe that I came up with in one of my sleepless nights. Yeah, I think that ship is sailed, the cake always turns out way too heavy and way too sweet for my liking, so I figured I could share something a bit different, instead. Let’s make it clear that this isn’t just any brownie recipe, oh no, my friend. This is THE brownie recipe. THE fudgiest, chocolatiest, bestest brownie recipe ever (I do realize none of these words exist. And that I used the words “brownie” and “recipe” way too much. Expect to see more throughout this post).

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