Cranberry and Pecan Rolls With Boozy Vanilla Glaze

Alright, let’s talk Christmas. Are you that kind of person that has a huge house and likes to receive relatives over, and hosts all the holiday parties and etc, etc, etc..? Are you that kind of person who goes crazy over the food you’re gonna serve to your guests the morning after Christmas dinner? Well, if you were looking for a new recipe, your problems are now over! (Okay, I’ll cut the 90’s commercial crap)

Anyways, when I was developing this week’s recipe, I thought about using blueberries and an orange glaze instead (which would still be really delicious), but then I failed miserably at finding ANY KIND of berries at the supermarket, so I had to come up with something else. But, honestly, I’m glad I did, because these turned out so much better than I expected, like eating-3-of-these-in-a-row kind of better. This dough recipe is from my dear friend Elin, from Sweden, who I happen to share a blog with, and it is possibly the best sweet dough I’ve ever tried in my life, it’s so soft, buttery and forgiving, a real delight. The fruity filling and the sweet vanilla glaze make for the perfect Christmasy breakfast treat. Or dessert. Or snack. Or lunch.. hey, I can’t judge you.

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