Coconut Flour Cinnamon Financiers w/ Strawberry Sauce (w/ TermiNatetor Kitchen)

Hello, you lovely people of the Earth. I know. Its been a long time. 5 months and 6 days, to be exact. I had a few issues with WordPress and I was completely unable to post anything during these months, I still haven’t got it solved, but I got a little chance to make this one post in collaboration with my good friend/fellow blogger/incredibly pretty/smart/talented/humble/shining example of human perfection Nate Crawford from the blog TermiNatetor Kitchen (I told you I would write it all down, Nate).

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Cardamom and Black Pepper Apple Pie

So, as I’m sitting here eating a piece of cake and typing this post, I started thinking…

Goodness, I have no energy to do anything anymore. Or enough daylight, for that matter. Let me tell you something, working in a kitchen is DEFINITELY not for everyone. Between spending days without having a proper lunch, walking around for 10 hours straight with a full house, and not getting nearly enough sleep, I can safely say that this job is probably the most tiring, rushed, amazing thing that has ever happened to me, and I don’t regret following that path one bit.

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Salted Olive Oil Brownies

Let’s just start this post by saying that I can’t believe I had never shared a brownie recipe here. Better late than ever, I guess, right?

If you read my last post, you know that I was testing a white wine pudding cake recipe that I came up with in one of my sleepless nights. Yeah, I think that ship is sailed, the cake always turns out way too heavy and way too sweet for my liking, so I figured I could share something a bit different, instead. Let’s make it clear that this isn’t just any brownie recipe, oh no, my friend. This is THE brownie recipe. THE fudgiest, chocolatiest, bestest brownie recipe ever (I do realize none of these words exist. And that I used the words “brownie” and “recipe” way too much. Expect to see more throughout this post).

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A Little Update

Sooo… it’s been awhile… hahaha I’ve wanted to make a post for a long time but my life has been so crazy lately, I haven’t found time to focus on the blog. Actually, something really important, besides time, is also missing from my life.

The bloody internet.

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Fig and Rosemary Jam

And this is the end, my only friend… the end (if you know that song, I’ll love you forever). Last friday I finally graduated so.. I guess it’s official, I’m finally a chef. To me that’s still just a title, though, I don’t actually consider myself a chef yet, mostly because I believe that the name is earned with hard work and experience, and I still have none.

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Turmeric Apricot and Ginger Pudding Cake

If you follow my Sorted Food feed, you know that I have a sick obsession with turmeric. From smoothies to soups and even more soups, I just really love its pungent, almost metallic flavour. My mother says that my taste buds are weird since I prefer sweet foods over savoury, but, at the same time, I like my sweets to be more on the strong/bitter side, so not that sweet (wow I said “sweet” a lot.. well, you got the point). But, really, I’m not the only one who’d rather have a well-balanced dessert over a verging-on-diabetes one, it’s just that, in Brazil, people like everything to be either loaded in sugar or loaded in salt, and I hate both so….. maybe I was born in the wrong country?…….

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Peach Orange and Vanilla Bean Pots


Happy Holidays, you lovely people, I hope y’all had an awesome Christmas! Around here was all about tons of tasty food and a brand new AWESOME japanese chef’s knife that my uncle got me as a Secret Santa gift. Speaking of food, the following recipe is actually a take on the dessert I made for this year’s dinner, which was a little vanilla and orange pie with a cherry whiskey jam on top. It was very delicious, but it didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it to, the filling was way too loose and there wasn’t enough pastry to hold it in, so it turned out really thin and I had to freeze it before serving, otherwise the filling would just go everywhere (talk about improvising..). It wasn’t a problem at all, though, in fact, from the two pies I made, there were only three pieces left, which I think is a good sign.

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